Calming the waters

Six simple and effective Qigong practices to cope with stress, anxiety

Women's Qigong
with Nina London

Nina London, M.A. Biology 

Certified Wellness Coach

Qigong Teacher

Qigong practices made an enormous difference in my life. I transformed my unhappiness to joy and improved my health. I regained my energy I lost after cancer treatments.

When I saw how much Qigong helped me to restore my health, I devoted myself to learning more from the world leaders and inspiring teachers in this field.

Anybody, at any age or fitness level, can use these techniques – not only to improve physical fitness, but also to assist in recovery from injury and illness, to feel more grounded and centered and to relieve tension and stress.

Over the last 4 years I helped more than 300 women to restore energy, to cope with stress and negative emotions, relieve anxiety and bring the mind and body into harmony and balance.

I hope you will more relax, calm and balanced.

This is an introductory video so you can start feeling the energy or Chi. It was taken in Phuket, Thailand. That day was gloomy, calm, and mysterious.

Video 1

Feel the Chi

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Video 2

Six Qigong practices

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Content timing

Greeting 0.15

Flower Breathing 0.50

Calming the Waters 4.16

Moonlight Above the Lake 7.48

Flying Bird 11.31

Gliding Crane 15.40

Swimming Through Clouds 19.13

Thank you 22.52

E-book "Calming the waters"


1. Qigong
2. Place and time for practice
3. Basic Qigong Stance
4. Breathing
5. Qigong Practices

  • Flower Breathing
  • Calming the Waters
  • Moonlight Above the Lake
  • Flying Bird
  • Gliding Crane
  • Swimming Through Clouds After the Practice

I hope you enjoy the practice and feel calmer

If you have any questions,
please contacts my