Make your dreams a reality

Do you feel you can do much more?  Where do you want to see yourself?  What do you want to change?        
Do you feel you are too old or too scared to start? Are you ready for a change but you don't know how?

I will be with you on your amazing journey to the NEW YOU!

Only now at 50 I am fulfilling my dreams

The most amazing, incredible and unexpected thing that happened to me when I turned 50 was that I began to fulfill my dreams. I suddenly realized that my time is not infinite. If it’s not now that I do, feel, try and taste something new, then when? 

The moment when I saw the raft, swaying gently in the middle of the crystal clear turquoise sea, I fell in love with this place. I was lying on it for a long time, looking at an endless transparent sky and the vast ocean, shimmering with all shades of bright blue and green. Graceful white birds with long tails performed their mating ritual, circling in pairs above me.

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It’s never too late to make change

I know that among my distant ancestors was a romping gypsy, handsome, laughing and a blustery fighter, who loved to show off and have a drink. Always brightly dressed, dancing till dawn and prone to enchant the most beautiful girl in the camp. But, when the time came, no one could stand in his way and keep him an extra day. He would harness the horses, pack his tent and go. It was time for a change; for another journey. 

I am like him: a rolling stone trying so many continents and countries during my life. It is inexplicable why I have such an irresistible desire for change and the unknown. Why this insatiable thirst to see and get to know new people, to live a different life, to speak in another language, learn a new culture, understand and acquire other customs? It is not easy to explain how it hurts to break myself and then blend into another society.

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Are you distracted from your ‘oyster’ goal?