New You

My dear friend,

I am very happy to see you on my page!

My name is Nina London. My mission and passion are to empower, motivate, inspire and support women. 

I am a Wellness Coach and Certified Laughter Leader, a columnist in Life Begins at 50 in the Royall Gazette Bermuda. I am in remission but I keep laughing and smiling.

Life Begins at 50!

The most amazing, incredible and unexpected thing that happened to me when I turned 50 was that I began to fulfill my dreams. I suddenly realized that my time is not infinite. If it’s not now that I do, feel, try and taste something new, then when?

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If not now, when?

Treat ourselves as flowers! I thought of what all flowers need; merciful rain, healing sunlight, summer’s warmth. All bloom into beauty with care and attention. With care and attention comes appreciation. Under the soft gaze of appreciation blooms self-worth. Self-worth pushes us higher into confidence.

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