Time to Laugh

Welcome to the first Laughing Club Time to Laugh in Bermuda! It is fun and it is free.

It is a very difficult time now. Laughing is one of the best ways to cope with anxiety and stress. You will learn how to feel better with wonderful Laughter Therapy.

We will do simple laughter and breathing exercises, dance, laugh, smile together to feel happy, elevate mood, reduce anxiety and stress, cope with sadness, boost the immune system, and feel like a child again. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh.

Where: under the Laughing Tree at the Botanical Gardens, from the main entrance on the right.

In case of rain, we meet at the Masterworks museum at the Botanical Gardens.

When: every Saturday at noon.

Laurie "Nina London has been instrumental in encouraging all the participants to look forward to a brighter future and implement simple laughing techniques to make our difficult days bright and easier ones through the sharing and learning to breathe and laugh through them."

Catherine “Nina, thank you very much. It was so much fun to experience laughing and not realizing we laughed for an hour. It's an honor to celebrate your very first event and look forward to many more.”

Lisa “It was quite fun being with like minds. I laughed at myself on my way home too as I had to run down my hill, in the rain. I was laughing and it brought back priceless memories from my childhood as I grew up on the same street.”

Tamra "It was a lovely afternoon, so glad I was able to attend the club to laugh and dance in such a beautiful setting."

Laughing for your health

I always love to smile and laugh. My eyes have crow's feet and I call them my “rays of fun”. They are a lovely reminder of the many happy and joyful moments I've had in my life.

What took me by surprise was that now, going through a difficult oncology treatment, I began to laugh even more. It felt like my brain kept giving a strong and powerful command to me to reduce my levels of stress and tension. One time, telling a funny story to my husband, I happily started laughing and could not stop for several minutes. He laughed with me, and then exclaimed, “You had laughter therapy!”

“Laughter therapy, if it exists, it is probably the most wonderful treatment in the world,” I thought. To laugh in order to feel better, relax muscles throughout the body, trigger the release of endorphins (the body's natural painkillers), relieve pain, balance blood pressure, improve sleep, enhance the quality of your life and create a healthier and more cheerful sense of wellbeing … what could be better?

I decided to find out if it is possible to cure illness with laughter. 

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Laughing for your spirit

Our bodies cannot differentiate between real laughter and forced laughter. If you just keep laughing, even if you are not caught up in anything amusing, endorphins still flood the body, anxiety still recedes, serotonin increases in your brain and you feel much better. We forget to laugh enough. Children often laugh more than 300 times per day. What happened to us? How did we lose that spark? Why do we let the weight of our experiences, our thoughts, squeeze out all that laughter? Laughter is good for us! It makes us feel good! Why not practice it like any other skill?

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