Baikalia. A place to reconnect with your soul

This week is all about you!

7 amazing women, 7 special days in a magical place.

Are you going through a time of transition? Dreaming of a life filled with more passion and purpose? Trying to understand what you really want in life and what makes you happy? What is your purpose? What are your dreams?

Are you ready to create an exciting plan for your future?

We are too busy and stressed in our everyday lives. We don’t have time to stop, sit and look inside ourselves. Don't you ever yearn for peace and quiet? A beautiful place without the distraction of cellphones, the addiction of the internet, the chaos of traffic, the howl of sirens? What about only you and the majesty of the boreal forest, the tranquility and peacefulness of a crystal clear lake?

Through your connection with the beauty of nature, individual coaching, and small group exercises, you will re-connect with your inner self on a profound and deep level. You will come into balance and alignment, rekindle your sense that anything is possible, and leave inspired with a new vision of what an amazing life you can achieve.


A place of power

Come to our remote and private island in North America’s most pristine wilderness, the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota.

At the nexus of a clear, deep and spring fed lake is a magical center for personal transformation and healing.
Amidst the wild beauty of the boreal forest,
 Baikalia is a place of power where you can reconnect with the Spirits of Nature and reaffirm your soul’s connection to the Natural World. Here, you will find the exquisite energy your heart yearns for. You will tap the fundamental power of Nature. It will find you and rejuvenate you. It will restore your inner life.

At Baikalia we are on the edge of a vast wilderness. The boreal forest stretches Northward amidst a mosaic of thousands of lakes all the way to the Arctic Circle. Our island sits in waters clear and deep and pure. Summer days are long and warm, and the Lake beckons with swims and saunas and more swims. In the glassy still of twilight, loons call out as in an ancient dream. At night, the Northern Lights dance their shimmering rays of silver above you as you float, relaxed after the sauna’s heat. These special moments resonate within you forever.

A family of bald eagles lives on the rugged cliffs at the island’s Eastern end. They arc silently along the shore, searching for the green and gold of speckled lake trout. Deer come at dawn to nibble our flowers. Mushrooms abound, and there are wild blueberries scattered amongst hundred year old lichens and ferns. Gigantic boulders from the Ice Age, draped in delicate green mosses, appear randomly amongst old growth white pines.

We call one of these mighty boulders “Spirit Rock”, and it stands as a sentinel at the edge of the Enchanted Forest. This special grove of stately red pines, sacred to the Chippewa, leads to a massive rock plateau that overlooks the deepest part of the Lake. There is no more lovely spot for meditation or conversation than this mossy cliff top facing the far islands of the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

Have you ever stayed in a yurt? They are wonderful! Shadows from the surrounding trees dance on their translucent walls. Inside the light is soft and warm. Their circular design with honeyed wood rafters is harmonious and comforting. We built them 22 years ago. Severe winter storms and high winds have never affected them. When you sleep in a yurt, you feel you are in the heart of the forest, yet safe and secure. You hear the sighing of the wind in the high tree tops, and the hooting of great horned owls. Yet, as my mother used to say, “You are snug as a bug in a rug”.

    A word about bugs. From mid-July through the winter there are none! Virtually no mosquitos, absolutely no black flies. Their life cycle ends in early summer. You can sit outside in the evening, as we tell our stories around the bonfire and look for shooting stars.

    Would you like time to yourself? Stroll through the Enchanted Forest, pass the Secret Spring and climb up the hillside to the rocky bluff of the Eagle’s Aerie. Contemplate the endlessly moving mirror of the Lake far below, revealing her moods in the mirror of her currents. Or, hike through the woods to Froggy Bay, and stand knee deep in the cool, soft sand, surrounded by water reeds and the smell of Norway pines. You will be scolded by sassy red squirrels, and inspected by hovering hummingbirds. In these moments you realize you are never alone in life.

    Baikalia, an island that we love. Come and rediscover your personal power!

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