To find happiness look inside your soul

Flattened, crushed, torn to pieces! I sobbed to myself. I had turned 40, and the hard hand of time caught up with me. At night I cried, “I do not want to grow old!” I accidentally found these lines a few days ago in my files. I remember the moment when I wrote them. Bright spring sun was beating through the window. Energetic Moscow bustled outside my window, echoing to the tenth floor, where I was living.

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Don’t forget compassion

I have flown hundreds of times but every time I have anxiety before the flight. Last October, I worried more than ever. I had to be in Miami no matter what. My husband, Bill, and I were flying to important medical meetings, which were difficult to coordinate and organize. It took us weeks to schedule them.
My future would be planned for the next seven months according to the results of these meetings.

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The sun is shining just for you