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Nina London 

M.A. Biology, Master Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Laughing Leader 

  • Creator the first laughing club Time to Laugh in Bermuda
  • Creator the first Wellness program for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers Healing Vibes together with P.A.L.S. in Bermuda
  • Columnist Life Begins at 50 in the Royal Gazette, Bermuda. Wrote more than 160 articles.
  • Author of five bestselling books in Russia and Bermuda, including From Siberia to Bermuda. Live Love Laugh


From Siberia to Bermuda

It was a long and very difficult journey to create the life I wanted, to shape the body I dreamed of, to form the soul I am proud of, and to surround myself with the people I love and respect. All these years, I have had a vivid vision and a dream of living by a beautiful ocean with the man I love, doing something special and motivational for women. I live now in a sunny and warm paradise, one of the most beautiful and special places in the world – the Bermuda Islands with my husband Bill and my stepdaughter Ava. I am 55 years old and I believe that my life is just beginning.

I was born and raised in cold, gray, unfriendly, socialist Siberia. We were not allowed to travel, there was not enough food. Surrounded by the wild, mysterious and massive taiga of Lake Baikal, I always dreamed of escaping to a different life of new opportunities far from Russia. I yearned for the freedom to make my own choices, to act how I wanted to and not how society forced me, and to take the steps towards finding my true self.
I found myself back then escaping from my harsh reality to mystical places by reading…the gold rush in California, rafting on the Mississippi, the carnival of Venice. My imagination soared far away to these imaginary worlds where I was able to live in freedom, far from my rigid and
 structured life as a Soviet Pioneer and Komsomol member.

Rather than follow the strict rules of communism, I wanted to experience the exciting, exotic, adventures of my heroes. I closed my eyes and heard the sound of the ocean and felt the fresh breeze and salty water of faraway oceans on my face. Years later, I decided to change my last name, Telpoukhovskaia, to London because of the inspiration of my favorite writer, Jack London. His strong characters taught me to fight, to stand up after a fall, to keep going, and never give up.

The first defining moment in my life happened in 1997. It was time to escape that harsh environment. My strong inner voice was calling me to make a change. I packed my 12-year-old daughter and 65-year-old mother and came to the USA. I started my life all over, without any support and help. I took a lot of risks, emigrated three times, went through many hardships. I had my ups and downs and depression, but I overcame bad habits and created new and healthy ones. I learned new skills, met inspiring and spiritual people, and lived in beautiful places. The risks paid off. My mother Vera happily retired in San Francisco and my daughter Maria graduated from Yale and earned her Ph.D. degree.

A Warrior and Winner

My second defining moment happened when I least expected it. Every one of my dreams was realized and I felt myself the happiest woman on earth till the day I was diagnosed with cancer. From that moment, I learned to live differently, to think differently, to feel, understand, and accept the new me and my new condition. I made a vital decision that kept me going through the pain and suffering of many months. It was my choice not to be a victim of my situation, but a winner.

I had to fight hard to overcome my illness and continue to live. Live for the sake of my husband, daughters, mother, relatives, friends, readers, students, pupils. I wanted to be with the people I love and who love me. I wanted to see the sun and the ocean, to dance and laugh. I dreamed of publishing a new book and seeing other countries. I wanted to enjoy gentle smiles, yellow sunflowers, colorful fish, white boats, and splashes of turquoise water.

I learned how to forget about the unfairness of life. There was no time to be weak. I discovered how to stay positive, how to eat properly and detox, exercise, and stay active. I feel that after my ordeal, I became a stronger and better person. I rebuilt my soul and body once again. This experience also taught me that life is very short, and I can't postpone my dream to motivate and inspire women anymore.

Reclaiming the New You
I began to use what I learned from that experience to help others. It is my belief that no matter what you have been through you don't have to live a life less than you are meant to have! I started coaching and empowering women. I made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other mature women break through their inner blocks, experience their long-held dreams, and have the FREEDOM to create the life and mind they’ve always dreamed of. 

I help them to get out of their comfort zone, expand their boundaries, believe in themselves, and not be afraid to take a risk.

You can make incredible things happen. If not now, when? Do you have time to wait?

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I will help you to become the woman you most want and deserve to be.