About my way

Five and a half years ago, I was the happiest woman on the planet. I was 52 years old. My motto was “50 is only the beginning of life”. My dreams awaited, and I was ready.

Two weeks before my wedding, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, stage 3. In this one brutal moment, my entire life was split into two parts: before and after. I was in a world of fear where I had to learn to live and think differently, to understand and accept the new me and my new condition.


It was my choice not to be a victim of my situation, but a winner; to be active no matter what, to do everything possible not only to survive, but thrive. I knew it was time for change, renewal and rebirth.

I always had energy, but after chemotherapy and radiation, I lost it. I was filled with fear and sadness. I did not know how to cope with all my negative emotions. I could not sleep.

My healing journey that began with surgery and cancer treatments was long and arduous, but also truly powerful and transformational. It taught me resilience and self-empowerment and has changed the whole course of my life.

I began to search for ways to improve my health and regain my energy. I just wanted to feel better; I dreamt to be active and laugh again!

In Thailand, I discovered the ancient Tao practice of Qigong at the Tao Garden Wellness Retreat Center. Qigong’s ancient breathing and moving practice was the silver lining that came to me at a very challenging time.

I also started practicing Laughing Yoga and this positive outlook on life and my future helped me to cope with stress and feel better.

My programs

I created several programs to support women:

  • The signature wellness program Unlock Your Healing Power for women after 45 years old to stay healthy, strong, energetic and positive after and during the challenging times in their life (including cancer treatments)
  • The first Wellness support program Healing Vibes in Bermuda for cancer patients and survivors together with PALS
  • The first cancer support group Under the Red Umbrella for cancer patients and survives in Bermuda
  • The first Laughing Club in Bermuda Time to Laugh

You can attend my online classes from home, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Looking forward to working with you!

My students