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Morning Energy Wave Class

Morning Energy
Wave Class

The Tao Garden, Thailand

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“Nina, thank you for an incredible energy we created together. I feel energetic, positive and grateful.” Ciara, Italy
“I so appreciate your gentleness and love for teaching and sharing. It was a beautiful way to start my day!”
Kelly, USA

Daria, Switzerland

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Eleonora, Switzerland

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Calming The Waters

Calming The Waters


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“Nina's water element class was so recharging and balancing. The energy of practicing Qi Gong in the water was soothing to the body that it allowed me to flow with ease. My movements were freeing and my mind was calm. The different ways we incorporated the birds, fountain, and sensual connections with the water and body was a perfect symbiosis for integrating the feminine within the practice. It was clarifying, toning, and so graceful. Thank you Nina!”
Robin, USA
“Thank you, it was wonderful class! You embody feminine energy and positivity so beautifully.”
Sandy, Australia
«I recently took Nina's classes and it was a truly unique and transformative experience. The small class size allowed for personal attention and guidance from Nina, who was fully committed to teaching and leading calming techniques. The breathtaking beach setting added to the overall ambiance and created a special bond between classmates.”
Sandra, Bermuda

Healing Vibes

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Loraine, cancer survivor, Bermuda

“I want to share how incredibly important the classes through PALS and Nina London have been for me. As a cancer survivor of a dozen years and also with recent heart issues and potential reoccurrences of secondary cancers being watched, I have found this course and Ms. London to be an extremely helpful part of my ongoing recovery. I look forward to the classes and to her upbeat and outgoing manner. Her expertise is phenomenal. The delivery of her knowledge is done in a way that is so easily absorbed and eagerly anticipated to try once we leave the class. I recently have had a tooth removal in the dentist chair, during which I have used the breathing and calming exercises extensively.
Loraine, cancer survivor, Bermuda

Using breathing techniques I have learned in the class has been extremely helpful in my daily use. Recently I had to have a MRI done and the machine broke down in the middle of my test, and my normal reaction was panic. I quickly remembered that these are the times that I could use the breathing techniques that I had been taught by Nina. I calmly began breathing in through the nose holding the breath and slowly releasing the breath from my mouth, I repeated this over and over until I realized I was concentrating on my refreshed breathing and not the stress that I was finding myself calm and relax.


I have had other very stressful events including heart issues and subsequent other health issues with asthma (most likely due to the wearing of masks) and her techniques have helped tremendously. It is not just these techniques or the knowledge that is so important as Ms.London, really knows how to affect the desire to try new things and new ways to manage stress. I have found her helpfulness and consistent support to be very helpful and a very kind way to add incredible encouragement to these very difficult times. 


She has been instrumental in encouraging all the participants to look towards a brighter future and to implement simple strategies to make our difficult days a bit lighter and slightly easier ones through the sharing and learning to breathe laugh through them. Thank you for having her be a part of PALS! I believe that her continued interaction though, will grow a group of some very strong survivors! I was just thinking, to share some great aspects of having been a part of Nina London’s courses that she provides on a Saturday morning through PALS. When I look back at the mental and physical state that I was in prior to meeting Ms. London, I realize what great strides I have made mentally and physically. 


One of my real trials, coming into and learning these therapy styles, was my extreme fear of meeting with strangers and new people. I remember taking the huge ‘chance’ to just get in my vehicle and make my way down to the beach. Ms. London was so inviting, Calm and encouraging. The following week I was still timid about meeting with the group, but realized this was a very ‘safe place’, even though my social anxiety wanted to ‘scream’ otherwise. Upon review of the last three to four months, I realize what great strides have been made. I can truly take a deep breath, a learned practice, that provides the ability to think more clearly, and to feel calmer and more secure within myself. The strange life tests that have come my way, including medical tests and dental procedures and a new job, have tested all that I have learned through Ms. London, about controlling stress and negative thoughts…. and pushing through these trials. Learning to control the body and mind. 


Looking back at the last 3 to 4 months, I realize how far I have come with overcoming that social anxiety. Now, I look forward to meeting with the small group. I am sure that I personally would not be suited to a large group of people, and this experience has given me a huge part of my life back. I can now breathe through anxiety, get in the car alone, go do grocery shopping, maybe even pop into a store and have a quick look around. Prior to meeting with Ms. London, I do not believe that this would have been possible. Growth is an amazing thing over the age of 50. This small group has helped this woman in particular, grow exponentially and I am very glad to have been able to be a part of this growing experience. 


I have to thank PALS for creating this experience and for Ms. London’s abilities to be willing to teach new techniques for those, like me, to be able to continue to engage in a happy and helpful and ‘healthful‘ manner in society.”

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Barbara, Bermuda

“This class has become a must. Walking, talking, sharing, appreciating the moments, island beauty and friendships are irreplaceable. I’m on, they allow time to unplug and recharge, facing the journey revived with renewed energy. I’m reminded to appreciate the people, small things and moments in life - which I know are blessings. Acknowledging and speaking about my challenges has been freeing. I’m a survivor - of the emotional impact caregiving has blessed me with. I appreciate Nina for her time and support and sincerely thank P.A.L.S. for supporting this group, it is irreplaceable and the peace it offers extends monetary value. With all my heart thank you!”
Karen, cancer caregiver, Bermuda
"I truly thank you for the class. I feel included. I have been so alone ... you made such a difference! This is a new beginning."
Valerie, in remission, Bermuda
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Denice, Bermuda

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Karen, Bermuda

“The class was peaceful. I learned how to get rid of negative emotions and helps me to redirect my thoughts. Very good atmosphere.”
Cheryl, cancer patient, Bermuda
“I do work that requires overnight hours, where I am intermittently working throughout the night, I often find that I cannot fall right back to sleep. A new technique that Nina taught regarding insomnia and it in ability to fall asleep, were amazing in letting my body really relax, and return into a deep sleep. How incredible is it to be able to learn such simple breathing methods to help control everything from anxiety and upset to the ability to be asleep and to fall asleep?”
Sarah, cancer survivor, Bermuda
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Laughing Club


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Barbara, Bermuda

“I have been going to the laughing club for a few years and it's definitely a mood changer. No matter what you are feeling when you start out you always leave feeling happy inside. It's a lot of fun!" Arlene

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Calming The Waters

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I designed this course meeting help you to stay strong, energetic and positive during difficult times. It will help you to restore energy during and after cancer treatments, to cope with stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, bring your mind and body into harmony and balance, and become more positive.


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