Calming the waters

Calming the waters

Qi Gong moving and breathing meditation for women
to cope with stress, relieve anxiety and feel peaceful.

Calming The Waters course is for hard-working women who are after building their careers and businesses, feel stressed, overwhelmed, burnout, and exhausted physically and emotionally.

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      Qi Gong Calming the Waters is a moving meditation course. It is an ancient 5000-year-old Chinese practice that combines fluid movements, coordinated deep breathing, postures, and focused intention.

      It is a wonderful practice that helps you to connect mind and body, balance them together and release all negative emotions that are held inside you. You feel at one with the balanced energy of life itself.

     It is vital to learn how to be gentle and caring to ourselves, and treat our body as if it is a precious vessel that we don’t want to be broken.

What people say about this course:

“I feel like I had a long soak in the spring pool” Gina, Bermuda

“Thank you for the wonderful feeling of balance and peace.” Sharon, Canada

“I smile and feel tranquil.” Alisa, UK

“Thank you for another fabulous class of calming and peaceful ways to cope with stress and worries. Thank you for being a blessing to me!” Lisa, USA.

“I am in Zen.” Olivia, New Zealand


Why should I practice?

 When we are healthy, in harmony with ourselves, grounded, balanced, have a strong body and a positive mindset, we can share this wonderful energy with other people. By being a channel for this energy, we thrive and blossom.


You tried different ways to feel better and nothing worked. It is time to try a new practice that has been proven for thousands of years.


You want to include in your everyday life easy to do yet effective 5 to 15-minute practices to calm you down and to cope with everyday stress.


You will learn about other easy and effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

Here's exactly what you get :

💧 An introductory video so you can start feeling the energy or Chi. It was filmed in Phuket, Thailand.

💧 A 20 minute video with my detailed explanation of 6 Qigong practices so you can easily follow and learn.

💧 Calming the Waters E-book about Qi (Energy), Qi Gong, breathing, and detailed written explanation of 6 Qi Gong practices.

💧Stress Free E-book with six different and effective ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

*30 days refund policy


You will learn how to stay positive with wonderful Laughter Wellness. We will do simple laughter exercises, laugh and smile together to feel happy, elevate mood, reduce anxiety and stress, cope with sadness, relieve pain and boost immune system. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh.

Frequently asked questions

The beauty of Qi Gong is that you can practice at any age! Even if you are 100 years old. You can do the same practice while you are sitting.

You can start a day with Qi Gong practice and make it your wonderful morning routine. Or you could also finish your day and rewind by practicing this moving meditation.

Qigong can be practiced at a moment’s notice wherever you want to cope with stress, anxiety or fear. When your “fight-or-flight” response kicks in, repeat a Qigong movement, and with deep, slow breathing, your heart rate will drop, your blood pressure will move lower and both your body and mind will find a state of calm.

Unlike sitting meditation, Qi Gong is moving meditation with syntronising deep breathing. You will be focusing on it and won’t have time to think about other things.