Dancing in the middle of a Miami bridge


On a Friday night, my husband and I were driving with a friend in Miami rush-hour traffic. We were in a dense and swift stream of cars rushing along the Biscayne Bay Bridge. Everyone was in a hurry to get out of the stuffy city. I closed my eyes and imagined the long-awaited meeting with our dear friends that evening. I pictured their table on the terrace: colorful flowers, the warm light of shimmering candles, the clinking of dishes and glasses, laughter and fascinating conversation.

I was in excellent, high spirits and in a pleasant mood. Ahead of me was a beautiful evening. I wanted to hug my friends, take off my high heels and walk barefoot on the warm sand, slowly cooling from the hot sun. Only about half an hour remained to get to their place.

Suddenly, our car stopped dead. There was an accident ahead and we were stuck in a huge traffic jam. Everything was frozen. Fifteen minutes passed, then half-an-hour, then an hour slowly unfolded. We reluctantly realized it was approaching the time to cancel our dinner. It brought tears to my eyes. The mood began to deteriorate. Our friend commented with annoyance: “Well, always something! Why do I even bother?”

Suddenly, the door of the car in front of us opened and from it fluttered a fragile girl, stylishly dressed in a baby blue summer sundress and black boots. She gently stretched her shoulders, unfurled a cascade of luxurious hair, looked around, smiled happily, threw up her hands and started … dancing. Slowly and gracefully she twirled.

I froze and looked at her in mute admiration and delight. Surrounded on all sides by steaming cars, bathed in the warm rays of the setting sun, she looked like a gentle, charming moth, fluttering in the wind.

“She’s probably drunk,” our friend muttered incredulously. “What a nutcase,” he continued to murmur.

In a refute to his unkind words, a second girl who was the driver flew out of the car. Laughing, she joined this fantastic dance, which I will never forget. I so passionately wanted to join them! I could escape our complaining friend, forget about the endless traffic jam and not think about the dinner party. Just close my eyes, smile, and dance against all circumstance!

The traffic jam dissolved in the next ten minutes. We slowly started moving, but for a long time I was still lost in my imagination, dancing with these unusual girls.

I thought about what a powerful lesson these pretty, young girls taught me. I saw clearly that happiness depends primarily on ourselves. It is up to us what attitude we choose to embrace situations.

All of us in the traffic jam were angry and tired, and many had to cancel plans. But instead of sitting indignantly and being angry, these girls chose laughter, movement, and joy. They were not only happy in that moment, but they will have a magical memory for ever.

In the distant future, with a mischievous smile, they will tell their friends or future kids: “Imagine! We danced on Friday night right in the middle of the Biscayne Bay Bridge!”