Life begins at 50: only now am I fulfilling my dreams 


Fulfill your dreams

The most amazing, incredible and unexpected thing that happened to me when I turned 50 was that I began to fulfill my dreams. I suddenly realized that my time is not infinite. If it’s not now that I do, feel, try and taste something new, then when?

The moment when I saw the raft, swaying gently in the middle of the crystal clear turquoise sea, I fell in love with this place. I was lying on it for a long time, looking at an endless transparent sky and the vast ocean, shimmering with all shades of bright blue and green. Graceful white birds with long tails performed their mating ritual, circling in pairs above me.

I closed my eyes and clearly saw myself dancing on this raft in the middle of the ocean. And, I passionately wanted to see this magnificent place from the point of view of these beautiful birds. I lay there and thought of my arduous journey that started long ago in the snows of harsh, socialist Siberia and brought me to this amazing place.

My winding path led me to the person I became, to my dream life through all of the torments of emigration, depression, risks, deprivation, uncertainty, self-questioning, poverty, tears, insomnia, loneliness, confusion,  and obscurity. The risk paid off.

I believe that everything is possible. You can do whatever you dream and wish. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, what previous baggage you have, how many mistakes you’ve made; they’re part of your story.

To start your shift, answer these questions:

What is your dream?

What are you going to do to fulfill and make your dream a reality?

Are you ready to make the first step? Even a small one?

Think of one thing you can do this week. Write it down. Find the time to do it.

Congratulations! You just started your journey.