The sun is shining just for you


A special morning

It is 6 am, a warm July morning. I awake and hear the gentle, guttural sounds of the doves who have built their nest on the roof. I listen to the calm and rhythmic dance of the waves.

I reach for my computer and pull my hand from it like it is a hot frying pan. “Why am I doing this?” I think in great perplexity. “Why do I want to read the news about the latest catastrophes and tragedies? Why do I waste my energy absorbing sad stories? Why look at Photoshopped photos and the polished lives of people on Facebook, many of whom are not even my friends?”

Do I really want to live these other people’s lives rather than to enjoy this beautiful Bermuda morning? Why do I voluntarily choose to spend my favorite time of the day, the glorious sunrise, immersing myself in a distant, virtual world? What a pathetic start of the day!

I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, why don’t I appreciate it? This is my morning, and I want to be here now in this lovely moment. It will set the tone for the whole day. Like a violinist before the concert, who carefully touches the strings of his instrument and listens to the beautiful sound, I want to touch my soul and listen to its marvelous harmonic melody — not a cacophony of sounds.

After all, this is my life and my decisions. Do I desire to spend my precious time staring at the phone or computer? I want to be present in this marvelous world.

I understand that what I really want to see is the sun. I am always affected by the sun, its rejuvenating energy, and enormous power. Grey, rainy days are not for me. I especially love to watch the magic moment of a rising sun. Sunrise for me brings light and beauty. This is the birth of a new day with countless opportunities. A day that I can fill with joy, warmth, and kindness.

Start with a small change

I run out of the house, push the kayak into the bay and paddle far out in the ocean. I am alone under the dark sky. It feels like the whole world is frozen in anticipation of the sunrise. Everything is waiting to come to life. Dark, blue sky reluctantly, but obediently, recedes and slowly begins to lighten, freeing up space for other colors, colors of life. They are at first soft and pastel, then blend smoothly into bright and fiery red and orange paints.

Along with the dazzling sunshine, I get a sense of confidence. Today, I will have another chance to improve the world. For myself, my family, my friends, and clients. For a stranger, whom I can help.

The beauty unfolding in front of me is the grand transition from night to day. It takes my breath away. I look at the red circle of hot sun rising slowly from the ocean. I put my face under its gentle, warm rays, and close my eyes. I charge myself with a fiery positive sun energy and fill with joy.

I smile and say, “Hello sunshine, hello new day!”

This morning teaches me one simple, but important thing. Before, I always thought that when I wanted to change something in my life, it should be a big, serious project that requires time and effort. I did not realize that significant change can start with something very small.

Is it possible to change something in your morning routine? One small thing that would bring you happiness, joy and a smile? Maybe start the day with a kiss and a gentle hug with your loved ones? Cuddle and laugh with your kids? Or, tell loudly and proudly to yourself in front of the mirror, “Hello you, clever and beautiful! Today will be your best day. You deserve it.”

Raise your head and look at the sun. It’s shining just for you.