To find a happy child in you


Ice skating — from Siberia to Bermuda 

I went ice skating at the new rink in St George’s. How unusual, exotic and beautiful! I was so ecstatic, I felt like a child again — careless, enthusiastic, full of energy and laughter! I bravely tried to jump and did not even think that I could fall. Instead, I imagined how I would soar above the rink. I lived in this particular moment, and I enjoyed it att its fullest. I forgot about all my problems. This was my time to be carefree. A happy smile never left my face.

And I remembered … Early evening. Snow glistening under the dim light of rare lanterns. Deserted streets. Late passers-by running home, hiding their frozen faces in warm scarves and big, fluffy collars. I put a coin to the frosty window and in the tiny, round frost hole looked out at a brilliant, magical, unreal, gorgeous empty silver space that was calling me, inviting me — an ice-skating rink.

I grab my snow white skates, my first; the most beautiful skates in the world. It was the best gift ever from my parents for my sixth birthday. I shout to my parents: “I’m going skating!” Frozen stars in the dark sky. The complete silence of Siberian winter. My clumsy pirouette, an uncertain jump and an unfortunate fall. I carve ice circles, sandwiched between uniform and featureless brick houses. I often imagined then that instead of these dark and empty streets, there were huge floodlights and stadium bleachers full of excited, waving people, loudly cheering me. I was in a short, shimmering silver dress. I gracefully bowed after my performance, and slowly left the stadium. Ice skating is one of the most special and beautiful memories from my childhood.

What incredible happiness and delight! After 40 long years, when I skated in Bermuda I felt absolutely the same — I was happy. I thought how important it is not to lose that enthusiastic and joyful child within us. The one with happy, sparkling eyes, who is laughing, always waiting for a miracle, and not afraid to try something new and unknown.

Be spontaneous and fun

Can we try to stop feeling like a grown-up, boring and serious, overwhelmed with problems and worries? Even for a couple of hours? Can we allow ourselves to be spontaneous, fun, enjoying the moment and laughing for no reason? How can we bring back the enthusiasm of a child, that feeling of wide-eyed excitement and enjoyment of life? Let’s find in ourselves this happy, carefree and cheerful child. She is not gone. She didn’t leave you. She is still waiting for you to remember her.

What did you love to do most when you were a kid? Plan to spend Sunday afternoon doing something that you used to love doing when you were seven or ten years old. You can also share your special memories with your children or loved ones. Ride a bike. Do you recall the warm wind blowing in your face? How adventurous is it to ride without a plan, exploring the island by yourself?

Visit the favorite places or beaches of your childhood. When was the last time you were at Cooper’s Island? Re-read your favorite childhood book. How exciting it was to read a book at night with a flashlight under the covers! What fun it could be to do it with your children!Let go of all your worries and problems as you fly a kite. Look at how it drifts across blue skies and soars against racing clouds.

What other fun and cool things can you do before the year ends? What are your special childhood memories, places, foods, books, movies, sports, and games? It’snever too late to experience a happy childhood moment and discover the world again as new, fresh and beautiful, full of wonder, magic, and excitement.

What better way to enjoy the Christmas season.