New You


I am a motivational coach, a writer, a columnist

in the Royall Gazette Bermuda and optimist.

My mission and passion are to empower, motivate, and support women.



You believe that you deserve a better life...

You are fighting cancer...

You feel you can do much more ...

You are ready for positive changes but don't know where to start...

I will be with you on your amazing journey to the NEW YOU!

If not now, when?


Life begins at 50!

The most amazing, incredible and unexpected thing that happened to me when I turned 50 was that I began to fulfill my dreams. I suddenly realized that my time is not infinite. If it’s not now that I do, feel, try and taste something new, then when?

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If not now, when?

Treat ourselves as flowers! I thought of what all flowers need; merciful rain, healing sunlight, summer’s warmth. All bloom into beauty with care and attention. With care and attention comes appreciation. Under the soft gaze of appreciation blooms self-worth. Self-worth pushes us higher into confidence.

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